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In partnership with the Leksands Musikskola, Stockholm Chamber Brass have managed to agree a fee of 3500 Swedish SEK per participant of the Academy. Within this cost includes all tuition and masterclasses as well as a public lunchtime concert for each participating group.

Accommodation and food costs can often be quite high in Sweden and so Stockholm Chamber Brass have arranged rooms at the local Folkhögskolan at a heavily reduced rate.

A price for a single room will be around 767 SEK per night per person, (6135 SEK for the week) and for a shared double room will be around 490 SEK per night per person, (3910 SEK for the week), breakfast and sheets are included in these prices. Wherever possible shared rooms will always contain members from the same chamber group, however where a group has an odd number of members one participant may have to share with someone from another group.

The accommodation is 15 minutes walk from the Music School and you can see photos of the Folkhögskolan below.

All of these arrangements are offered by the Academy but are not mandatory and participants are very welcome to arrange their own accommodation if they so wish.

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